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EWG is a member of
DLMS association

EWG equipment
meets the EPS


EWG product range

EWG core activity is design, development, manufacture and maintenance of advanced metering infrastructure AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure-Multi) for:

  • measurement and electric power management
  • connection of electricity meters and other energy and fluids to EWG meters
  • reading of electricity meters and other energy and fluids
  • MDM (Meter Data Management ) systems for processing and archiving of data, collected via meters.

    - EWG portfolio includes a wide range of products:

    - Multifunction electronic meter (Smart Meters):
    - Additional equipment:

    • Electric switches for activation/deactivation of consumers,
    • Communication modules (PLC and GSM / GPRS modems)
    • The interface connect ion modules (to EWG meter for measuring other types of energy and fluids,
    • concentrators (data collectors) in the electric power station;

    - Application software:

    representing the heart of the system, is used for collection, management, processing and archiving of data collected, performance measurement and management of communication infrastructure and control of energy, fluid and gas consumption;

    The service of measurement, testing and calibration of meters.

    In the process of design of AMI systems we have applied the results obtained in the Open Meter Project (http://www.openmeter.com/). This project was sponsored by EU with the aim of defining open standards that guarantee interoperability of different manufacturer’s devices for measuring various types of energy and fluids (electricity, gas and water). The results and conclusions from other projects that deal with issues of management of AMI systems (Open metering, Prime project, Dutch Smart Meter) were also used, as well as the guidelines of the Electric Power Company of Serbia (EPS) (www.eps.rs document "Functional requirements and technical specifications of AMI / MDM systems" (adopted by the Expert Council of EPS, on 29th April 2010 in Belgrade). These guidelines specify the technical requirements of AMI systems and individual elements of the system.

    All elements of the AMM system (software and hardware) are the result of the individual process of design and development.