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EWG is a member of
DLMS association

EWG equipment
meets the EPS


EWG has recognized potential in developing technologies aimed at remote measurement and control of electricity, water and gas consumption.

Our development strategy is focused on further integration of telecommunication technologies with measuring instruments and application solutions, on the platforms used by companies in the utilities sector. Our aim is to create a "smart network" fully programmed to react to information about potential losses on the network and inability to collect receivables for services provided.

We believe that the remote control and metering of energy is an indispensable step in the development of the utility industry, and that in this respect it will have greater practical application in the future. In this sense, EWG is determined to invest in further product development and human capital in order to position itself as a regional leader in this field, by raising awareness of the necessity of existence of efficient and reliable instruments.

Rigorous quality control policies applied in EWG are a response to the requirements of our clients who demand uncompromising quality and precise instruments, in the industry that does not tolerate mistakes. We believe that commitment to quality, continuous improvement and our corporate social responsibility are our key qualities through which we will continue to find our way to end-users.